I may not be doing a victory lap yet but I am so damn close I can taste the champagne!

We survived our event-jammed weekend — I know I should be saying we “enjoyed” it and there were definitely moments of joy in there but I’m not gonna lie, it felt like we were sprinting from one thing to the next like loons.  Anyway, now I’m lurching into the last three days of school with my eye on a very specific prize.


See, I keep this whiteboard calendar in my kitchen.  Two of them, actually.  One is a month view and then, below that, a one week calendar.  So up top you see an overview of the month and on bottom we have events/obligations/appointments/etc specific to this week’s days.  Each person has their own color, which sounds kind of crazy but has actually been really helpful when I do a quick visual sweep of the week’s plans.  Plus, once the kids got the hang of it, their own stuff jumps off the board at them.

(I had a friend comment once that she didn’t understand how the time I spent detailing out all this information was worth it in the end.  Love her, really, but she doesn’t get what it takes to keep me — i.e. this family — on track.  And that would be these calendars.)

Anyway, I write out the weekly calendar on Sunday nights.  I told you all what last week’s schedule looked like (INSANITY), so erasing all that writing was pretty cathartic.  And only writing one (sometimes two) things on each day this week was feeling pretty good, too.

Then I got to Saturday.  And had to check my phone.  Twice.

Because there wasn’t a single thing scheduled on that date.  No parties or projects, errands or meetings, practices or Tae Kwon Do.  Nothing.

I probably stared at my phone for a good 30 seconds and then stared at the whiteboard in awe.  We have a Big Fat Empty Box for Saturday.  I sincerely can’t remember the last time that’s happened. (And yes, I realize that’s kind of sad.)

It felt oddly uncomfortable leaving it blank (’cause I’m weird like that) so I wrote a big ~~Free Day~~ on there.  Bear wandered into the kitchen and looked the week over then asked what “free day” meant, and I said we actually didn’t have anything to do that day. Her eyes widened just a little as she tried to take that in…

Now I’m no fool.  There are five full days between now and Saturday, so the chances of us making it to the weekend with only ~~Free Day~~ written in that space are slim.  But they’re there now.  And a girl can hope.