Kristen at “We are THAT Family” wrote the most amazing post with advice for her son.  While her boy is turning thirteen and mine’s only entering his tween years, her words really resonate as I watch T-man morphing before my very eyes.

Some of her lessons that especially struck a chord with me:

Don’t seek out an internet education on sex, please.  As mortifying as it is to answer his questions (and there are already far more than I thought there’d be), I would a million times over rather give him the right information the first time than debunk myths and then convince him that I know what I’m talking about.  Oh, and porn will only teach you about, well, porn.  It has very little relation to the real world.

Choose kindness before popularity.  This is such a hard choice to make, and it’s even more difficult when you’re navigating the treacherous waters of being a young man.  I think kindness is grossly underemphasized in our boys; we’re so busy teaching them to toughen up and stand strong that we forget the treasure that is their hearts.

Be cautious with your texts.  Oh, lawd, the texts.  My kids aren’t even into this yet and already I’m trying to plant the seed of “think twice, send once.”  Texts are forever, the internet is forever, and apps that guarantee disappearing messages are for fools.  As anyone who works for the U.S. government or a phone company can tell you, if you send it then it can be recovered.  And used in a court of law.  ‘Nuff said.

Check out her post in its entirety.  It’s totally worth the read.

And T-man?  Slow down.  You’re growing up way too fast.

A Letter to My Teenaged Son: We are THAT Family – … you know the ones..