Boasting time!  There have been some really great things going on in the last month that I’ve been dying to share.  (Sorry.  I’ll try to keep the über obnoxiousness to a minimum.)

**  These kids of ours are such hard workers in school.  Their teachers give them glowing reports, and I’ve seen wonderful things in their classrooms.  We’re so proud of their work ethic and good character!


**  Both kids earned Honor Roll grades all year long.  T-man maintained A/B Honor Roll for all of fourth grade, and Bear was the only student in her class to earn A Honor Roll for the entire school year.  Proud mama here!


**  The kids are signed up for two (or three, in T-man’s case) totally different camps this summer, and they’re super excited about all of them.  They’re in a nature camp this week – they spend their days on a 165-acre earth sanctuary filled with meadows, creeks, forests, and gardens.  They’re decorating walking sticks, building forts and a bamboo teepee, creek walking, and doing Native American crafts.  I picked them up the first afternoon to exclamations of “Best. Day. EVER.”

**  My younger niece has received the most incredible writing award, a Silver Medal for the 2015 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards.  255,000 works were submitted for consideration, and the top 2,000 works in the country earned National Medals that were presented at Carnegie Hall.  Her poem is incredible – except incredible doesn’t really begin to describe it – and the fact that she’s written such brilliant work at only sixteen speaks volumes.  What an extraordinary talent that girl has.

**  Riddle from the Middle has hit some awesome milestones since I started:

* 135 posts since March with more than 3,030 views

* 44 readers follow the blog

* 654 visitors have viewed my posts

* We’ve had visitors from these countries – United States, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Greece, Brazil, Australia, Portugal, India, Singapore, Ireland, Italy, European Union, Cambodia, France, Philippines, Kenya, and Qatar.  (Seriously, how cool is this?!)