Every year BrightSide’s company gets together for a long weekend called the summer regional.  It’s a family event – everyone packs up their cars (with spouses and kids in tow) before heading to our destination.  This event has typically been held at the beach, but this year we went to the mountains.

Now we’re a beach family all the way, so when I learned we wouldn’t be seeing the ocean I was a little bummed out.  No round-the-clock swimming, no body surfing, no simple way to pass time while BrightSide was in meetings (because there is nothing easier than parking these kids at a pool to kill a morning)…you could say I was a little “eh” about the whole thing.

But then we got there.  Man, I forget how beautiful the mountains can be!

We were up on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and it sure was something to see.


Our time together over the weekend is pretty special.  There are business meetings, yes, but a lot of the time is spent bonding as a region.  We enjoy meals and spend evenings doing activities that are geared toward family entertainment.

As a spouse, I don’t see everyone nearly as often as BrightSide does.  Usually we only get to catch up during this weekend away and at the Christmas party, so the summer regional is a wonderful time to see how much everyone’s kids have grown.  It’s also fabulous to see T-man and Bear play with some of their “business” friends.  They fall back in together every summer, hanging out like no time has passed at all.  It’s beautiful to see.


We may have seen some fog and rain, but everyone made do and had a great time anyway.


Our down time at the beach was spent poolside and on the sand, but our time in the mountains was filled with other kinds of fun.  Both kids landed a double back flip on the bungee trampoline – they even managed to get me onto that thing.  It’s always fun to stun kids into silence by pulling off a back flip at forty-four.

IMG_3198 IMG_3327

The weather cleared just enough for us to do the zip line before heading home at the end of the weekend.  Bear already had experience with this, but T-man overcame his fear of heights to try it and decided it was the coolest thing ever.  ((Love it!!))

IMG_3332 IMG_3331

Our weekend away in the mountains was remarkable – peaceful and joyous, beautiful and fun and a chance to recharge.  What a glorious gift for our family.