If I were a history buff this would be some great post about the Fourth of July discussing the American Revolution and adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.

4th of July

Sadly, math and science and history were never my passion, so this will only be a semi-great post wishing you and yours a very happy Fourth of July!

In an attempt to justify your visit to the blog, though, I’ll share some random yet interesting facts about the Declaration of Independence.  Courtesy of Wikipedia, so take them with a grain of salt until you confirm authenticity.  🙂

  • During the American Revolution, the legal separation of the Thirteen Colonies from Great Britain happened on July 2, 1776.
  • It was the final statement explaining this action that was approved on July 4, 1776.  John Adams originally thought Americans would celebrate on July 2nd but the people have always celebrated the holiday on the date shown on the Declaration of Independence.
  • The Declaration was prepared by the Committee of Five, two of whom (Thomas Jefferson and John Adams) both went on to become U.S. presidents.
  • Coincidentally, both of these men also died on the same day – July 4, 1826 (the 50th anniversary of the Declaration).
  • Only one other U.S. president has died on July 4th (James Monroe), and so far only Calvin Coolidge (the 30th President) has been born on July 4th.

So there’s your trivia for the day.  (Wikipedia: U.S. Independence Day)  I hope you’re enjoying the holiday with your family and friends!