Social media and kids = UGH.

My kids think I’m the most unreasonable mom on the planet, and every once in a while they even manage to make me doubt myself.  I’ll look at BrightSide and be all, “It’s not just me, right?!” and he backs me up so I feel less crazy.

It doesn’t make them hate me any less in the moment, though.  And those moments are coming more and more often.

At the end of the school year both kids wanted to exchange e-mails with their classmates and I had to shut them down, reminding them that right now they only have e-mail privileges with very few people.  (I can probably broaden that out to aunts and uncles, but we started off slow.)  That’s not fair! they cried.  EVERYONE ELSE can e-mail!

Yep.  We are SO mean.  Guilty as charged.

They got the same delightful answer when requesting the ability to text their friends.  Yeah.  Right.  We won’t let you e-mail but we’re going to let you text them.  Anyone else see the faulty logic there?

We went to the mountains and Bear made new friends (as is typical for her).  When I picked her up from the kids’ party on the last night she wanted to exchange e-mails with her new buddy.  (Honestly, I’m starting to think I should just record my response so I can hit PLAY over and over.)

She looked at me like I’d grown a second head when I suggested they exchange “real” addresses instead, which then caused me to prattle on like a fool about how much fun it is to get “real” mail from your friends.

So we’re doing a good job with the whole “Hold off as long as you can” piece of advice.  There are probably many more lessons to be learned out there, but these tips seem like a good start.

10 Things We Need To Teach Our Kids About Social Media: We are THAT Family…you know the ones.