I knew it would be beyond crazy from the look in his eyes.

We were in crunch mode – 15 minutes to finish getting ready and we could not be late because for some reason (that I absolutely could not fathom this morning) I signed BrightSide and myself up to teach children’s Sunday School class today.

Today.  After the week of jet lag and exhaustion.  I remember looking over the sign up sheet for a weekend when we were in town so we would do our part but come on!

At any rate, it was too late to do anything about it this morning other than get there early enough to figure out what the heck we were supposed to do for 45-60 minutes with however many kids showed up.  I had one primary goal: finish my makeup, put on jewelry and shoes, then get out the door.  ON TIME.

This was when I sensed movement at the bathroom door.  BrightSide looked at whoever was standing there then turned to me with a look on his face that clearly said This one is ALL yours.  And then Bear stepped into view with a face begging for approval.

Could someone tell me what it is about Sunday mornings that brings out the fashion crazy in our children?  I mean, generally speaking, they do a decent job of dressing themselves and this pattern applies for about 75% of our Sundays…but that other 25%?  Whew.  Step back.

This morning Bear was sporting a yellow eyelet flouncy miniskirt (that’s at least a size too small) with white bike shorts underneath (because even she knew a skirt six inches above the knee would raise eyebrows), a white peasant shirt over a pink cami, and cowboy boots.  Cowboy boots.  IN JULY.

Sweet Jesus in heaven, what has that child got on?

Her eyes were pleading for approval of her latest fashion ensemble, and I’m extraordinarily proud that I only paused a millisecond before launching into my reply:

Wow…honey…what a cute outfit.  You really put things together there, didn’t you?  See, that’s a SUPER cute outfit that would be – I staggered a bit here – perfect for hanging out with your friends or going to the movies or whatever, but for church you’re gonna need something a little more…covered up.  I mean, I see you’ve got your bike shorts on there – SO CUTE! – but even so that skirt is just a *little bit* too short for church.  **blink, blink**

She wasn’t exactly thrilled with the reaction (though it was a lot nicer than the “HELL, no!” flashing through my head) but went back to her room to change.

BrightSide turned to me with a high-five.  Tag team parenting at its finest.