On our visits to Kauai in January and again this month we stayed at the same resort on the south shore.  Everything about it is wonderful – the people, the scenery, the food, the pool.  The view of the ocean brings peace to your heart and tears to your eyes.

When we decided to return this summer I was looking forward to all of that, and the kids were super excited about renting a Jeep.  But there was one other feature that Bear was eager to revisit: the Magic Toilet.

(Sista-friend dared me to blog about this.  “Never in a million years” was my first reaction; now it seems too funny NOT to.)

In the spring we started talking about the upcoming trip to Kauai and getting excited about all of the fantastic things we’d get to do again.  Visiting the incredible coffee shop that has the most delicious coffee, cinnamon knuckles, and pretty much everything fresh-baked in their kitchen. Driving to Tunnels Beach, which had intense waves in the winter but would have perfect snorkeling in the summer.  The incredible fish found in almost every restaurant, and returning to our favorites on the island.

It was while we were reminiscing about all of these that Bear exclaimed, “Oh!  And that place had the Magic Toilet!”

Now, some people might laugh at this, thinking it was a 9-year-old’s joke.  Nothing like potty humor to crack a kid up.  Maybe the bathroom was particularly nice (and it was), or she’d invented a story about our time there.

But those people wouldn’t have visited this particular hotel.  Because “Magic Toilet” is the only apt description for this particular commode, which apparently made quite an (ahem) impression on Bear.

This thing has a seat warmer with three settings (one of which should be called “Burn Yo Ass”), a washer for the front area/back area/or both, and a dryer.  Seriously.  You do your business and then it will wash and dry your nether regions while you sit there.  Bear was obsessed with it.

We spent a wonderful week on Kauai.  We went on fascinating outings and enjoyed experiences that defied description.

But as sista-friend pointed out…wouldn’t it be ironic if, after delighting in everything the island had to offer, Bear told everyone that the Magic Toilet was the best part of her trip?

Though you do have to admit it’s pretty darned impressive.