Eleven years ago today our handsome T-man came into the world, ready to take things by storm.

I’d be lying if I said there isn’t a small piece of my heart that aches over missing the first 10 months of his life.  Rolling over, sitting up, babbling, and a hundred other “firsts” we didn’t get to share with him.

But I’ll tell you what we have shared.

the day we met T-man
the day we met T-man

We met a beautiful, happy baby who could light up a room with his smile.  A boy open to the world around him, giggling and grinning at every new experience.  He was pure joy.

Our little Buddha was always in motion.  A precious boy who moved forward in life like he wanted to take it by storm.


We learned sign language so he could tell me what he was thinking.  When he wanted more Cheerios or banana, he’d sign instead of screeching at me.  This worked out better all around.

T-man’s moved his way through toddler tantrums, growing into his independence, school, and sports. He’s developing into a person who can look at problems and work through solutions.  He’s becoming a young man.

And we are so very blessed to have him in our lives.

May 2015