I won’t kid myself into thinking a bunch of you noticed, but I finally gave in this month and created a Twitter account for the blog.

Twitter.  The last frontier.  Or my last frontier anyway.

Lest you think I’m completely oblivious, I’m fully aware that Twitter is a dinosaur in the social media age.  I understand that Instagram, Tumblr, and Vine are all on the scene.  That Snapchat, Burn Note, and Whisper are lurking out there.  That Kik, Tinder, and God knows what else have entered the technology realm.

But for the moment, we’ll focus on that behemoth called the Twittersphere.

Twitter logo

For several years I’ve avoided Twitter like the plague.  I didn’t understand why on earth it would be useful in my life.

I don’t care enough about any celebrities to follow their every single thought.  I couldn’t imagine what I’d have to say that anyone would want to read.  I just didn’t see the point.

So I bucked the trend.  People were all Twitter’s awesome and Did you see so-and-so’s tweet about that?  And frankly, I couldn’t find it in myself to care.

Even when sista-friend created an account and told me how fantastic it was as a networking tool for teachers I still didn’t see the point.  Not for me, anyway.

Then along came Riddle from the Middle.

After a few months of blogging (and loving every minute of it) I thought it might be time to read some of those advice articles for new bloggers.  And what was their first piece of advice?  Use social media.

Well, hell.  I guess I’m getting a Twitter account.

For those of you that haven’t been through this particular experience, let me just say…it is unbelievably hard to find an open Twitter user name when the darn thing’s been in existence this long.  (The first piece of advice under a Google search for Twitter name tips?  “Get in the game early” so you can lock down a user name that makes sense.  Ummm…I guess that ship has sailed.)

Then once you’re in the sphere it’s a like you’re staring at an enormous blinking question mark.  And you’re hit with the realization: I have a Twitter feed.  What am I supposed to put on it?  My posts link to the feed in the hope that some new people might wander onto the blog out of curiosity, but that leaves it looking awfully sparse.  So now I’ve got to come up with some random comments.

The pressure to be witty and engaging and real.  Sheesh!

Plus I’d stumbled into the whole experience with absolutely no idea of Twitter etiquette.  (And y’all know how I like my Miss Manners.)  What do you post on there?  How often?  Why would people even care?

All valid questions with no actual answers.  You know what you get when you google “Twitter etiquette”?  That there are no rules.  WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?!

So I’ve ventured into (dinosaur age) technology, and I’d like to think people are reading at least some of what I’ve put out there.  The tweet that got a reaction?

“Is ‘batshit crazy’ an official diagnosis?  Because it should be.”

Huh.  Go figure.