Oh my gosh, y’all, I was four sentences into this one and started laughing myself silly because this is me. And that’s funny because normally I’m not the overachiever, schedule every minute kind of mom, but there’s something about summer that makes me think there’s SO MUCH TIME, we’ll read and do math and play outside and bake and maybe work on some cursive because no one has time for that at school and, above all, I CANNOT LET THEIR BRAINS TURN TO MUSH OVER THE SUMMER.

So many of us have what turn out to be ridiculously unrealistic plans for these months off, how we’ll make every single moment count with education and culture and memory-making and such.  But then reality hits us square in the face with a big fat what are you thinking, have you MET these kids? slap.

Have some coffee.  (Or tea.  Or wine or beer or whatever.)  And laugh.

I am Suzanne.

The One Mantra You Need To Survive Summer – Momastery