BrightSide and I are starting to dig out old movies – not “old” old movies, but movies from our growing years – things to share with the kids now that they’re getting a little older themselves.

“WarGames” was a hit.  So was “Ferris Bueller.”  Both had language that appalled T-man with his particular sensitivity to cursing, but overall the kids enjoyed watching them.  They were fun family evenings.

Last week I knocked one out of the park with a real mom-of-the-year moment, movie-wise.

BrightSide and I were thinking of actors who’d made movies we enjoyed, and Tom Hanks’ name came up.  He’d done several comedies that we both liked so we started searching Netflix, figuring we’d find something on there that would work.

We settled on “Big.”  The 1988 movie about a boy who makes a wish to be big was rated PG, and we both remembered it as being a pretty funny comedy about a kid suddenly thrown into an adult body.  PG is the typical rating for our family movies these days, so between that and our memories of the storyline I figured we were in the clear.


First, I have to say that overall this movie qualified as a win.  Compared to “Malcolm in the Middle” – another Netflix gem we pulled from the archives for the kids – it’s practically pure as the driven snow.  I knew “Malcolm” was going to have some (read: A LOT) of coarse language, but I’d forgotten the kind of raunchy territory it wanders into.  The parents’ sex life aside, those episodes sparked plenty of conversations with the kids.

As for “Big,” we figured it was relatable.  Two 12-year-old boys living the duality of that age – kids who like to ride bikes and use walkie-talkies at night as well as guys who are starting to like girls and get embarrassed by their parents.  We rolled through a lot of the movie with only a few moments of Eeewwwwww erupting from the kids.

And then there was that scene, the one I’d clearly forgotten when we chose this movie.

I was standing in the kitchen, finishing the post-dinner cleanup, when a sudden silence in the family room caused me to glance up.  And what I saw on the TV stopped me in my tracks.

Tom Hanks/Josh (as a grown-up) and Elizabeth Perkins/Susan (the woman who’d fallen in love with him) were standing in his apartment and kissed, and then she took off her shirt.


My mouth dropped open as I stared at the TV, where Josh was staring intently at Susan’s chest. You could hear a pin drop in the family room, where I’m sure the kids were trying to process the fact that they were looking at a pretty lady in a lacy bra, and then Josh reached out to touch her boob.

I turned to BrightSide and whispered, “Am I about to watch my kids see him get to SECOND BASE?!”

And from the family room:  Eeeeewwwwwwwwww…

That’s right, folks, we have all kinds of sex education going on in the house these days…I’m sure I’ll be hearing from the Mom of the Year nominating committee any day now.