Can you believe we’ve started having this conversation with T-man?

He’s only eleven years old.  Eleven.  But we know he’ll be driving in the blink of an eye, and the thought of a tragedy at a traffic stop haunts us.  It was a couple of months ago that I sat him down to explain (or TRY to explain) how things can go wrong in the blink of an eye.

While my advice may have been a little rougher – I believe it went something like “No matter what, control your temper and be respectful, then come home and we’ll get a lawyer to sue the hell out of him.  But first you need to come home safely.” – I’m glad to see it’s pretty similar to this lawyer’s advice.


“Attorney Eric Broyles teamed up with a police officer to pen a handbook for African-American men dealing with police encounters. Above all, he recommends clarity, empathy — and getting badge numbers.”

Source: A Lawyer’s Advice For Black Men At Traffic Stops: ‘Comply Now, Contest Later’ : NPR