Sunday afternoon found me doubled over in the front seat, snickering as I frantically typed notes about the conversation in our car.  I mean, really…sometimes there are simply no words.

Bear:  Mom, there’s Adam & Eve, that’s like Jack & Jill, right?  (Jack & Jill is a local children’s consignment store.)

Me:  No, Adam & Eve isn’t a kids’ consignment store, honey.  It’s very different.

Bear:  Then what do they sell?

(Pregnant pause as BS & I silently throw this grenade back and forth.)

BrightSide:  Lingerie.

Bear:  What’s that?

BrightSide:  Women’s underwear.

(Confused silence from back seat.)

Me:  Fancy underwear.

Bear:  But then why is it called Adam AND Eve?


Bear:  Oh.  Never mind.