I loved Gilmore Girls.  Couldn’t get enough of it.  There were some episodes in the middle there where I dropped out for a bit, but that just made it all the more wonderful when the entire series hit Netflix and I could watch every single minute of it from beginning to end.  Fabulous!

Well, one of my very favorite bloggers discovered Gilmore Girls this year and made it her mission over the summer to watch all 154 hours in the series.  She recently wrote about her incredibly astute observations of the Gilmore World, and it’s a riot.  (The only thing that was more amusing was reading her play-by-play reactions on Facebook.)

If you consider yourself a Gilmore Girls addict enthusiast, give this a read.

If you’re one of the GG uninitiated…the show flies 100 mph with speed talking and sarcasm and mother/daughter/small town quirks.  If these things amuse you then you should check the show out. But you might want to watch before reading Jen Hatmaker’s post.

Gilmore Girls: All My Feely Feelings – Jen Hatmaker