Tears.  I had actual tears streaming down my face as I read this.

Moving to North Carolina was a bit of a culture shock.  One of my first tasks was helping BrightSide coordinate a business function so I planned for a midweek dinner, a date that I found out quickly wouldn’t work here.  What do you mean, there’s church on Wednesday night?  You mean, like, Wednesday?  Ummm, okay…

Halloween was the first major holiday I experienced in this southern (for me, anyway) state, and I have to admit I had no idea what I’d stumbled into.  What the hell’s a Trunk or Treat?  Or a Fall Festival?  Why are people going to the churches for candy in the first place?  I grew up Catholic – all Halloween got us was a holy day of obligation on November 1st when we’d have to drag our sugar crashing butts into church for mass.  You mean there are churches that give out candy?!

What, WHAT?!

Click on over and enjoy.

Costume Ideas for the Church Halloween Festival