It kinda makes a girl go “huh?”

Every once in a while something drops that makes you cock your head a little and think Wait, what?

I was working in the family room when Bear came in after school.  As she unpacked her lunchbox Bear turned to me and said, “You know, I think it’s really smart how they made it so the microwave won’t cook unless the door’s closed.”

Then she grabbed her notebook and went on her merry way, leaving me staring after her with a perplexed look while several questions jockeyed for position in my head.

Okay…so when exactly did you try to flood the kitchen with radiation?

Out of curiosity, how many times did it take you to learn that lesson?

And if you can absorb all this kitchen knowledge – that the microwave only works when closed, how to cook an egg or make a grilled cheese sandwich, that forks go on the left and knives on the right – how can you also be the girl who leaves crap all over your bedroom floor?  Even AFTER you step on an earring post?  TWICE!!

Lawd.  Sometimes I just shake my head and wonder…


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