the Gracie tally

Such an innocent face, right?

Just look at this face.  Sweet and fluffy and innocent.  That big happy smile, sparkling eyes, “I’m ready to play” stance…who knew she’d grow up to be such a holy terror?

I’m keeping tabs on the paths of destruction Gracie wreaks in our home.  I’ve found it to be extremely therapeutic so far – after pulling yet another half chewed item out of her mouth or cleaning up the debris strewn across the carpet, reaching for my phone to add to her list keeps me from beating the dog senseless. I figure that’s got to be a good thing.

Gracie’s running tally last week:

  • chewed up black and white chevron design stylus (prompting Bear’s tearful breakdown over the dog who “always eats my things!”)
  • consumed an entire bag of Stauffer’s chocolate animal crackers (resulting in an afternoon eating grass in the backyard and an evening looking miserable)
  • a chewed up, partially eaten kitchen sponge she snatched off the counter and scattered across the family room rug
  • gnawed on red stylus stolen from the technology box
  • partially chewed Post-It with notes about T-man’s science fair project
  • everything from tissues to floss to hair in Gracie’s attack on my bathroom trash can
  • black ball point pen, crunched up into three pieces (two of which had to be shaken from the depths of her mouth mid-crunch)

My running mantra with this dog: patience is a virtue, patience is a virtue, patience is a virtue!!!


12 thoughts on “the Gracie tally

  1. Hate to be a wet blanket, but it sounds like for her well being and for yours, saving not only your possessions but possibly the cost of an expensive surgery, buying Gracie a crate and learning how to use it via any number of excellent dog training books might be in order. You use it like the playpen your kids (and mine) wouldn’t set foot in, to keep her out of mischief when you can’t keep an eye on her. Good luck!

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    • No wet blanket impression taken. 🙂 We’ve got a crate that I do use on occasion; the problem is that she seems to get into mischief at all sorts of random times (not just predictable ones like if I’m leaving the house). I really need to get on regular training sessions at home…I’ve learned a method of teaching “don’t touch” that looks highly effective, now I just have to buckle down and do it!

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      • I use a positive reinforcement method that I call “not yours/yours.” I have one of the dog’s toys around, or in my pocket, and I spy on the dog till I see it start on something like the leg of the sofa, tissue box, etc, then I appear suddenly and say accusingly, “THAT’S not YOURS!!!!” Then immediately switch gears, give the dog its own toy, say in the most honey-dripping voice, “THIS is YOURS.” The hard part is to keep from cracking up watching the dog go through all kinds of changes.

        Now, since Gracie is a Lab, I’m sure you realize Labs are chewers. They do this for a living. So the best thing for them is to provide LOTS of interesting squeaky toss and Kongs that you can stuff with cooked veggies and freeze, and let her get her jollies out on that. Usually we use peanut butter but Labs can’t handle the calories. Just like a baby, rotate the toys once a week. Yay, new toys every week! I have been gifting my faithful Malinois with real beef bones, fresh raw ones, and one of those keeps her safely gnawing for hours. Good luck!

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