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Here’s my first shot at participating in the community blogging event Missing Letter Mondays.  I’m obviously joining a bit late in the game, seeing as I’m starting with Z, but this makes a weird sort of sense for me.  So without further ado, my Z-less writing challenge…


“And God Made Dogs” 


A dog’s love is unconditional.  True.  Selfless.  Without limits.  

They snuggle with you for comfort and play with you in joy.  

Sorrow brings them to your side, offering long licks and soft fur in solace.  

Anger thrown outward sends them skittering in fear, though fury turned inward brings warm noses and soft nudges.

A good cry can be steadied by our strong, sturdy Golden, who doesn’t mind if you lay across her while you weep.

Our Lab bears scars from her past and requires a gentler touch, but her pure adoration is overwhelming.

Their joy when any one of us returns home is boundless.  We could be gone minutes, hours, or days…upon our return tails wag, butts gyrate, bellies beg for scratches, and furry bodies push against us as if to make up for time apart.

Because time apart is a void, and no one likes a void.

Our world is full of wonder.  The earth, the sky, and the sea.  The sun, the moon, and the stars.  The power of day and the peace of night.

And the precious gift of dogs.