By now we’re midway through Thanksgiving.  If you live here in the U.S (or simply choose to participate in this day of football and feasting) then you’re up to your elbows getting food on the table or you’ve finished a ridiculous meal and collapsed on your couch.  Either way, you’re heading swiftly toward the Holiday Transition Moment.

The HTM is not a fixed point in time; rather, it fluctuates based on each individual’s constitution. Turkey might make you pass out for 3 hours before you wake to the post-Thanksgiving world.  You might be one of those hardy souls who ventures out into the stores that are open today.  Or you could be a certain someone determined to keep Thanksgiving as Thanksgiving, dammit, and we can think about Christmas starting tomorrow.  (Huh.  Guess you can figure out which camp I fall in.) 

At any rate, no matter when your actual HTM takes place, there will eventually come a point at which you transition from the Giving of Thanks into the onslaught of stress about everything that must be taken care of in the next 28 days (if you participate in the Jesus/Santa/Christmas celebration).  Tomorrow’s Forever Family talks about the stress of the holiday season and how certain adoption issues can pop up in December. Please join us and consider sharing your story about what the holiday means for you and your family.

Forever Family preview:

The holidays are stressful.  I see adults wigging out all over the place. Sure, they’re working hard to hide it…smoothing things over, looking like everything’s just fine and it’s a holly, jolly Christmas season, but if you peer deep into their eyes you can see it.  Something that’s a little like a squirrel hopped up on coffee beans, looking as if they’re about to jump off the roof.  The anxiety is banging around in there, getting louder by the second.

So you’ve got the typical holiday pressure, and you’ve got amped up family drama at the holidays, and then you’ve got any adoption issues that intensify around this time of year.  That’s a lot of tension packed into a relatively small block of time…