Privacy.  We all crave it.

We might find privacy more important in certain areas of our life than others, but everyone has something they feel is theirs alone to share (if we choose to).

On Monday, Bear’s classmate egregiously breached her desire to keep personal information private with an outburst that sent our afternoon into a tailspin.  Tomorrow’s Forever Family talks about respecting the privacy of adopted individuals.  Join us to add your viewpoint.

My kids have never really had much of a choice when it comes to being pretty conspicuously adopted.  I mean, all people have to do is look at our family to see that we’re a little bit…different.

And that’s okay.  I don’t mind being different. 

But I’m an adult who’s had a lot of time to learn the value of not giving a crap what people think.  It may have taken more than forty years, but I’m finally there.  It’s rather freeing to be more concerned with living my truth than living up to to other people’s expectations, so that’s how I roll these days.

However, I also recognize that this “open book” philosophy is my own and not one I can force on the other people in my life, so I’ve found it’s important to touch base with them about their own feelings. Even the little people.  Especially the little people.