keeping it real for the holidays

I’m bookmarking anything and everything I come across that reminds me to simplify our lives this month.

Each December I have good intentions, and every year I find myself sucked into a whirlwind of Christmas preparations that amp up until I’m climbing the walls.  This season I’m surrounding myself with support.

On my honor, we will keep it real this year.

“We are supposed to make it magical. The best Christmas ever.
I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing perfect about my life. It’s messy. There are unexpected bills and difficult decisions and challenging relationships, crockpot dinners and there is a lot of hard work.  Christmas is for the broken, the needy, the hopeless. It’s for people like me and you. And the message we give our children about this holy season isn’t found under a tree, it’s discovered on it.”

10 Things Our Kids Don’t Need This Christmas – Kristen Welch

3 thoughts on “keeping it real for the holidays

  1. So true. We try to focus on the magic of the season by focusing on spending as much time together dancing to Christmas music, decorating the house, looking at lights, attending free local events, doing crafts, and focusing on giving back to our community as our gift to Jesus for his birthday. We still do gifts, but try to have it be secondary, which is hard.

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    • These all look like wonderful ways to keep the Christmas spirit. You’re right, everything around us focuses so much on the gifts that it can be hard to keep our kids (heck, sometimes even ME) on track…but we keep trying!


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