Going out for lunch together after church has become something of a family tradition, and given the crowds we encounter I think there’s a whole lot of people around here who feel the same way.  It’s one of Bear’s favorite things to do over the weekend, and she has a handful of restaurants she loves to visit.

Recently we found our way to a new lunch spot.  It’s quite possible we’re the last to know about this little local diner…we didn’t get around to visiting the place until a few weeks ago, when the restaurant we tried to go to after church was packed to the gills with football fans.  Not that I have anything against football, but we had two hungry kids and a schedule crunch on our hands so that place was a no-go. This led to BrightSide’s ingenious suggestion to pop into a new restaurant on the way home.

It’s a good old fashioned diner.  You walk through the doors into a waiting area that has roughly enough standing room for a family of four, meaning the two people walking in behind you come to a screeching halt in the doorway while you awkwardly shuffle sideways to let exiting diners out of the restaurant. There’s a long counter in front of you, and every single square foot of space is filled with tables and booths. People, people, everywhere.

Once I tasted my food I understood why.  The omelettes were awesome, and their fist-sized biscuits were buttery deliciousness.  It’s worth noting that while I’m definitely a bread girl, it’s not like I grew up on biscuits.  As a matter of fact (at the risk of being deported from the state of North Carolina), I don’t recall ever trying a biscuit before meeting BrightSide.

So the fact that these particular biscuits bring tears to my eyes is evidence of how spec-dang-tacular they are.

Anyway, our visit started out on a somewhat rocky note.  We were taken to a table to look over our menus and then waited.  And waited.  And waited.  I was just about convinced that we’d turned invisible when someone finally asked if we’d been helped.  It turned out our waitress was pregnant and had disappeared into the bathroom to get sick, an interesting fact to share with people about to order food in your establishment.  At any rate, the second waitress got us started until our own server felt well enough to return.

When our waitress finally showed up, she was a skinny Minnie in ripped jeans with the beginnings of a baby bump showing through her t-shirt.  Bear watched her closely, looking a little more curious each time the waitress returned to the table.  I could see her trying to process the sight of someone who basically looked like she’d just eaten a huge burger for lunch.  After several visual inspections, though, Bear turned to me and commented, “Weird, mom, she looks like she’s getting pregnant right now.”  (I guess ’cause the more Bear stared at her, the more pregnant she looked.)

I somehow managed to suppress a giggle.  Ummm…no, darlin’.  It doesn’t really work that way.

After enjoying a delicious brunch we headed toward the door to get on with our day.  T-man summed up the customer base with, “I think this is an old people’s restaurant.”  It was a hard claim to dispute in a room filled with white hair and wrinkles galore but damn, the food is good…

We’d like to go back (mmmmm…biscuits…) but the waitress told us we actually managed to catch them on a slow day.  Usually there’s a line out the door by 11:00 am, which doesn’t sound too promising for us.  I’m not great at waiting when my blood sugar’s low, a statement that applies tenfold to Bear.

But maybe they do take out…