Sit still and just BE.

I thought I knew what pain was.  I’ve experienced things in my life that have registered pretty high on the pain meter, both physical and otherwise, but there’s nothing quite like watching someone you love in pain.

Nothing brings out an achingly urgent need to solve a problem like watching your child suffer through it. But as hard as it is for me to accept, I can’t walk this path for him.  This is his journey and I get to travel through it with him, but I don’t get to carry his load.

Tomorrow’s Forever Family talks about the need to step back and let T-man learn…even when it means learning through the pain.

It’s so hard watching T-man struggle through this pain, knowing there’s not much I can do other than just be here for him…

I’m not always great at just be-ing.  Not when I’m watching anguish shoot across my child’s face while he fights overwhelming feelings.

Here’s the real irony of the situation.  I spent years (YEARS!) telling BrightSide “I just need you to listen.”  When I came to him fresh off a bad day or frustrated with the kids or simply needing to talk, for a long time we’d end up banging heads in the process.  He’d offer suggestions, ways to make it better, and I’d throw up my hands with “Don’t try to fix it.  Just be there.  I just need you to hear what I have to say.”

And now here I am…

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