Holiday parties: calorie minefields where women can judge each other’s dessert plates with a single withering glance.

“Last week there was a holiday fair at the office…The fair itself was lovely, but the baking contest was a sad reminder of how tense eating can be, especially as a woman… 

There was a huge assortment of desserts anonymously labeled and arranged atop a long stretch of file cabinets just outside the CEO’s office. Each sweet was deliciously flawed the way all home-baked goods made with love are, unintentionally garnished with fallen crumbs and smudged frosting.

There were several women with empty plates circling the sweets by the time I made my way over. With nothing resting on them, the plates were little more than accessories that indicated eating might happen soon if someone was brave enough to make the first move.”

Plate Police Brutality: The Struggles of Eating in Public – Sass & Balderdash