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Another installment from The Mad Grad Student’s Missing Letter Mondays.  No C for you!


Ah, Temptation…it’s more than just a Motown group around here.

Eve and the apple started things off with a bang, and it only got better from there.  Items ranking high on my irresistible temptations list:

**  delightfulness wafting from an open Krispy Kreme box

**  heavenly sizzling sausage frying in a pan

**  naps on a big squishy sofa, regardless of an enormous To Do List

**  sweet, gooey pie

**  sunny days looking out over the water

**  fuzzy blankets from head to toe

**  soft yeast rolls, perfectly fluffy and warm from the oven

**  gentle waves and warm sand

**  furry dog bellies turned up for rubbing

**  takeout food for most any reason (illness, exhaustion, it’s Wednesday night)