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My first D-less post, courtesy of The Mad Grad Student’s Missing Letter Mondays.


Christmas ornaments

90 hours ’til Christmas

and all through the place

wrapping paper lay crinkling

among ribbon and tape.

The boxes lay bare

awaiting their wrap,

while the tree lights all twinkle

& I take a nap.

Gracie is stealing

the snacks from my plate

then scurries away

while I tell her to WAIT!

I pry the wet remnants

from her mouth with a grunt,

before hearing a noise

a lot like a THUMP.

I turn from the trash can,

then run out of the room

to see Gracie lurking

near a fallen broom.

That’s it! I cry out

as I shoo her away

then return to my wrapping –

it’s no time to play.

90 hours ’til Christmas,

time to strap in and flow,

there are piles to wrap

with a long way to go.