a child’s joy


My dad and me, Christmas circa ?? (Bee?  J.?  Anyone know?)

Nothing compares to a child’s sheer joy upon finding a bike in the family room on Christmas morning.  The feeling of climbing on in your pajamas while your dad watches, hard pedals under your curled toes, ready to ride off down the driveway that very instant.

Moments like this are rare.  We really only get a handful of them – times when an indescribable wave of delight washes over us and leaves us breathless in its wake.

For those of you who celebrate Christmas, may this morning bring you at least one moment of utterly inexplicable joy.  Best wishes to all for a wonderful last week in December 2015.

2 thoughts on “a child’s joy

  1. Priceless photos and memories. I’d say that was circa 1980s. I’m pre-big wheels generation. But, wish we had those in the 1950s.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours and look forward to more of your great posts in the New Year.
    Shine On

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    • I look pre-school age here so that would be ’74 or ’75, maybe? BrightSide can’t believe I don’t remember receiving such a cool big wheel! Having given our own kids trikes/big wheels like this, though, I can only imagine how much much my dad enjoyed this moment.

      I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Thanks for your kind words about the blog!

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