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A post without E?  Ummm…this might be a bit tough, but let’s look at gift exchanges.  Mental calisthenics courtesy of The Mad Grad Student’s Missing Letter Mondays.

12 things to say about unusual gifts:

  • Oh my…it’s so…individual.  Thank you!
  • What a fun graphic print.  That’s my Friday t-shirt from now on, for sure.
  • You can’t own too many holiday socks…
  • My own vodka-a-month subscription!  I must look thirsty.
  • So how do you play virtual ping pong again?
  • A public potty survival kit?  How thoughtful!
  • The Art of Tantric Yoga.  And a mat.  Huh.
  • Aha.  A Slinky.  How youthful.
  • “Shit List” post-its!  Cool!
  • Thanks, I always thought I should study Croatian.
  • A cookbook.  So, my food’s not up to snuff?
  • Look at that, would ya?  Aqua, coral, fuchsia, and brown pajamas.  That’s a combo you don’t find a lot…