Riddle from the Middle has been one of my great joys this year.  I’ve loved having a forum for my writing once again and appreciate every single one of you that has taken time out of your day to stop and read along.

I don’t by any stretch of the imagination believe I’ve tapped into an audience lounging around on their couches, eating chips and watching Oprah reruns/the Food Network/Netflix binges.  (As a rule, I mean.)  You are busy people with actual lives, so the fact that you’d spend some of that time at RFTM takes me to my happy place.

As do chips with homemade salsa.  But your contribution doesn’t make me gain weight, so I like yours better.

Anyway, many thanks for visiting, liking, and commenting on the pieces you find interesting.  Here are a few of the top posts from 2015.

the murky waters of open adoption

Boy, this one turned into an emotional outpouring on all sides.  In it I was brutally honest about feeling pushed aside as T-man’s mom, and in many ways I know I pushed back when I talked with him that night.  It’s a post that was clearly written in the heat of the moment.  I think what I enjoyed most about it was the conversation in the comments section.  Hearing from readers, parents, adult adoptees, and adoptive parents gave this post a depth that was incredibly valuable.

I am who I’m supposed to be.

I look at that title now and think man, doesn’t THAT make it look like I have my shit together?  Which is pretty ironic, really, because feeling like I’ve got it together is a day to day hit-or-miss scenario around here.  This was another fiercely candid look into the thoughts running through my head as an adoptive mom that apparently struck a chord with folks.  I’m now also reminded that I’ve forgotten to write that follow-up piece.

So you don’t think marching bands are bad ass…

Okay, this one falls squarely in the category of You Never Know.  Who would have guessed that an itty bitty post about our Saturday attendance at a Drum Corps International show would have blown up my twitter account like it did?  I’m filing this under “some posts just take you by surprise” and “boy, those DCI folks are seriously linked into social media.”


This post recounted a pretty tough moment during one of our visits with T-man’s birthmom.  Parenting is not for the faint of heart.  Adoptive parenting sometimes requires nerves of steel surrounding that heart.

“And we said no.” – Why we need to start saying yes.

I wrote this post after hearing a riveting story on NPR about a public school system outside of St. Louis, Missouri.  It deals with accreditation issues for a failing school system, forced integration, and the lengths to which some parents will go to prevent black students from entering schools with their white children.  It was heartbreakingly real.

Thank you again for the gift of your time.  I’m looking forward to beginning a brand new year with Riddle from the Middle.