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My non-F post, courtesy of The Mad Grad Student’s Missing Letter Mondays.

(I guess we all know which word bomb won’t get dropped in this one.)

Wildly random notes:

**  We’re late to the party, but can I just say Texas Roadhouse?  YUM.  Sliced potatoes with gobs of cheese and bacon bits (yeah, that’s not what they’re called on the menu).  Ribs.  Mouth watering, tender, delicious ribs. Hand cut steaks.  There are just No Words.

**  We have one of the most kindly exterminators around.  He spent a good twenty minutes reassuring me that the kids will make it through this stage, and it almost worked.  He almost made me think we weren’t minutes away from imploding, right up until the moment he assured me that the next couple of years will be hell.

**  “Mean Girls” awesomeness (Out of the loop?  Check out the trailer.):

  • Mrs. George: “I’m not like a regular mom.  I’m a cool mom.”
  • Coach Carr: “Don’t have sex, ’cause you will get pregnant…and die.”
  • Karen: “On Wednesdays we wear pink.”

**  There aren’t many sounds quite as startling as riotous thumping on the kitchen ceiling.  I looked up, startled, convinced plaster would crumble around me at any moment.  I heard Bear shrieking Gracie’s name in the attic and pounding steps overhead, then the sound of a door being opened and slammed shut. Ten seconds later the dog streaked by, dropping pieces of insulation as she went.  Apparently Gracie romped about in it like snow…it’s a damn miracle she didn’t drop through the ceiling!

**  There’s an evil genius to the blog.  Tell my rambling stories to BrightSide and his eyes may glaze over midway through, but here?  I get to tell my story the way I want, and it takes as long as it takes to make my point.  BAM.

**  Apparently the mama bear instinct kicks in when the girl who played with T-man’s heart is within a twenty foot radius.  Not smacking her upside the head should earn me bonus points.