Missing Letter Monday: no G

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Ghastly.  Gap.  Grasp.  George.  Geology.  Gems.  Giraffe.  Guide.  Grip.  Gist.  Good.  Gloomy. Glorious.  Gory.  Gust.  Gully.  Grunt.

There.  That’s ought to get the Gs out.  Stream of consciousness poetry, courtesy of The Mad Grad Student’s Missing Letter Mondays.

Out of the Proverbial Pan and Into the Fire

How did this happen?

This shift from soft bundle of contentment

to a flaming cluster of nerves

that fire off at will?

I swear we only blinked twice

and now our little one

is beyond blankets and lullabies.

Sometimes our very efforts to soothe

only add fuel to the flames.

So we hunker down to ride out the storm,

arms ready to shelter her from the elements,

water ready to douse the flare ups

as they come.

– ljh 1/11/16

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