We’re not supposed to have favorites…

The experts tells us don’t choose sides.  Love them all equally.  Don’t have favorites or you’ll scar them for life.

But I’ll tell you the truth.

Those hospital nurses?  We had more than a few favorites.

The nurse who walked through the door smiling, every single time, bringing a kind and generous attitude with her?  Love.

The nurses who looked my mom in the eye, speaking clearly to her and listening intently no matter how long it took her to answer?  Love.

The nurse who actually made mom laugh, eyes crinkling at the corners, after days of fever and pain?  Love.

The nurses who treated my mom with dignity and respect, chatting with her as they kept her comfortable?  Love.

There are few positives to a hospital stay, but those men and women who cared for my mom day after day…they really were my favorites.  Bless.

9 thoughts on “We’re not supposed to have favorites…

  1. Yes! My father-in-law is currently in the ICU for the second time in less than 8 months. The nurses are warm, patient, and genuine. It makes all of the difference, not only for him but for us as his family members. I am glad to hear your mother is in the same caring hands.

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  2. We’re not supposed to have favorites and yet we do, which is why I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. I wanted to share you with my readers and let others know how awesome a blog you have. I wish you much success as you continue this journey!

    Here is the link to learn more about your award!

    I’m a Versatile Blogger

    ☀ Memee .

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