Life has pretty much flipped upside down so for the next few days I’ll be sharing some interesting posts I’ve found.

I can’t help feeling the dissonance – the tone of these blogs doesn’t match my current insides at all, but it resonated with me at the time I saved the link.  And since my brain has somehow managed to simultaneously narrow its focus and scatter like light through a crystal I’m finding it remarkably difficult to write, so this seems like a good time to share their work.

We’ll let other people’s clear and coherent thinking prevail for now.  I’ll start with this one, seeing as the sentiment seems appropriate.  I keep hearing Dory’s “Just keep swimming!  Just keep swimming!”

Or, as this author says, “Press on.”  Truer words were never spoken.

“Anyone who has parented a human for more than five minutes has felt the coils of the day wrapping around their insides, making the chest tight and the stomach hungry for nachos.”

When You Are Tightly Wound | Kate Baer