Don’t try to fix me.

A valuable read for anyone who knows someone struggling with depression.

1. I feel so guilty for hurting you and being a “problem.” 

I’ve seen the pain on your face.  I know I’ve hurt you, and I know I’ve caused you extra work and stress.  I sometimes feel guilty and selfish for being depressed.  Just remind me you love me and that even if I create extra problems for you, I’m worth it.

10 Things I Wish My Parents Knew About My Depression | The Mighty

4 thoughts on “Don’t try to fix me.

  1. A nice piece. I come from a family that was ashamed of depression. It was hard to overcome the stigma there, let alone in the rest of the world. 💕 My daughter and her acceptance of her own issues has been an eye-opener for all of us. She opened the door to real conversations. The author of this message must be doing the same. Thanks for sharing it.

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