Missing Letter Monday: no K

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This week’s challenge is no Ks, courtesy of The Mad Grad Student’s Missing Letter Mondays.

Today’s list of churlish pet peeves:

**  That mysterious smell in the fridge that grows exponentially until I’m desperate enough to unload every single item onto the counter, causing the appliance to beep at me angrily for having the door open too long.

**  Silverware loaded into the dishwasher so it “spoons.”  Items won’t get clean if the water can’t get to it, people, and the water can’t reach stuff that’s pressed together.  Do a girl a solid and alternate that flatware.

**  The way my dogs locate the one spot in our entire yard that’s toxic then roll in it until their very presence makes me long for the death of my olfactory nerves.

**  When my blood sugar unexpectedly crashes, leaving me off balance and without any meaningful cognitive function.

**  Moms who focus entirely on their precious parenting without giving a single thought to the effect they’re having on the class as a whole.  I know my girl’s not your problem, but maybe you could not go out of your way to create an even more obvious in crowd?  Muchas gracias.

**  When clean clothes reappear in the laundry room.  Not just “hmm, these don’t smell dirty” clean, but clothes that are still folded and ready to be put in the drawer.  I mean, come on!

**   No. Water. Pressure.  Aaarrrggghhh!


3 thoughts on “Missing Letter Monday: no K

  1. What an awesome challenge. Years ago I read a short paragraph that didn’t use the letter ‘e’. I attempted my own and challenged others to write their own blog posts without it. Glad to see it has evolved and happy to read that you wrote a post without that pesky k 🙂

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