That freaking bus never shows up when you really need it…

For every mom who’s had her young one ask loudly, “What’s THAT?!” in a restroom stall. The post that will make you laugh until you cry.  Or tinkle.  Or both.

“As if the 2 hour delay wasn’t bad enough, the school bus ran late. We sat in the car at the end of the street, sheltered from the cold and snow. Naturally, the kids take the opportunity to push buttons, turn dials, and rummage through all the cars compartments.

“What’s this?” Luke asks holding up a tampon he retrieved from the glove box.

“Oh, that’s just something for mommy.”

I give him my standard response…I deflect and dismiss like a pro.  But this time we were stuck in the car together with nothing to distract us.”

Snow Delays with Aunt Flo – Motherhood, WTF?

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