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Things I won’t be discussing today: M&Ms, Manic Mondays, mysticism, monkeys, marshmallows, Maine, or midwives.

Onward and upward.

Challenge courtesy of The Mad Grad Student’s Missing Letter Mondays.

Life can be a swift downhill slide so it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture.  The trees are a blur, a stinging wind blinds you, and instead of keeping your eye on the prize you duck your head and hope for the best.

We all need a reality check once in a while.

14 Signs You Could Be an Enabler

  1. You’re still cutting up chicken for a child older than ten.
  2. Your young one consistently orders you around like the hired help.
  3. Your cupboard’s stocked with Bento Boxes, color coordinated by day of the week.
  4. Your child doesn’t know the definition of a chore.
  5. Your child does have a list of chores but knows they’re suggestions, not obligations.
  6. Your precious snowflake has never uttered the words “There’s nothing to do.”
  7. Alternatively, your response to said snowflake’s “There’s nothing to do” is a list of five entertaining options, two of which require you to drive your child off site.
  8. Your preschooler, who outgrows everything at the speed of light, owns any article of clothing that costs over $20.
  9. Your first grader can rattle off the top trending brands.
  10. You’ve never walked through a checkout lane without buying that last ditch bribe.
  11. You drive every forgotten lunch, jacket, paper, or project to the school by 10:00am.
  12. Your child nags you endlessly for the latest tablet, phone, Wii, or popular toy.
  13. You buy your child every latest tablet, phone, Wii, or popular toy.
  14. “No” is an entirely foreign concept.