Children take it all in.  Every moment, each sensation is stored in their memory banks for future use.  Why on earth would we think it’s different for infants?

“My son was just 8 months old when he came to live with us.  Even in those short months, he had experienced serious neglect that unknown to anyone has had a lasting impact on his life.  He spent the majority of his infanthood in a car seat, as his parents partied and fought in another room.  Just how often did he get fed?  His cries for a bottle went unheard.  How often did he get changed?  His cries of discomfort from dirty diapers weren’t heard.  When he came to live with us, he had a rash in the shape of a diaper on his entire front and bottom.

‘Babies don’t remember.’  That’s what I thought.  But I was very wrong.”

My Child Doesn’t Remember the Neglect as an Infant, But His Body Does – Foster2Forever