Have you ranked your underpants?

Looking for a good Saturday night giggle?  A thorough evaluation of underwear theology?  Something to help you avoid doing laundry tomorrow?  I’ve got just the post for you…

“The truth is, I have roughly enough underwear in my underwear drawer to last me 40 laundry-free days.  If God decided to flood the earth again, I’d be set for underpants…I figure that arks don’t come with fluff and fold, so I’m thinking it’s best to be prepared.  Forty clean pairs at a minimum.  So perhaps it’s that historically based prudence that keeps me coming again and again to the underwear aisle.  Perhaps…

But I’m thinking it’s the glitter.  Not unlike packrats, women are drawn to shiny objects.  That’s why so many of us have rhinestones on our skivvies.  The women’s underwear aisle seems to be (regardless of the store) product of a bored fashion designer eating a bowl of lucky charms.  It’s not hard to picture a crazed leprechaun running down the rows yelling: ‘Hearts, Stars, and Horseshoes!!!  Clovers and Blue Moons!!!  Pots of Gold AND Rainbows!?!?!  AND ME RED BALLOONS!!!’  Look hard enough, and I can pretty much guarantee that you will find all those things…set against pink…and outlined in glitter.”

Take Me Back Tuesday: On Underpants | almostfarmgirl

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