“I used to say I hated running while I sat on the couch with a sweet tea in my hand.  Now, I say it while I’m running.  I was not made for this.  It doesn’t come easy.  It’s hard.

“Just a little further.  You can do it,” he said loudly over his music.  

“You’re not my coach,” I snapped at him.  Oh hey, so I’m also sort of angry when my legs are on fire.  I smiled and made a mental note to thank him for cheering me on later (you know, when I could talk again).

We are a team.  We run together.  When I lag behind, he encourages me.  When his body suffers, I support him.  Some runs are easier than others, but most are long and hard with no end in sight.”

The Marriage Marathon – Kristen Welch