Sometimes it’s the simple things.

That warm blanket on a chilly day.  A pair of perfectly broken in jeans.  The rush of cool air conditioning when you walk into the store on a 90 degree day.

All small things in life that give the happy feels.

But today we’re talking about movie theater popcorn.

This is one of those foods that evokes a visceral response in me on every level.  A smell that envelopes me as soon as I walk through the theater doors.  The smooth tub filled to overflowing with fluffy popcorn.  The delicious buttery goodness that, with careful application, coats each piece of popcorn to make it even more decadent.

You’d think at some point this popcorn would lose some of its appeal, but it’s been thirty years and I still have the same instinctive response when I step into the theater lobby.  My head snaps up and I’m drawn to the concession counter, already craving that heavenly treat.

Willpower is nonexistent, diets be damned…the only thing that ever dissuaded me from the lure of the popcorn was when I had braces.  Those were the longest three years of my life…

It may seem silly, but today I’m grateful for movie theater popcorn in all of its buttery goodness.

My post as part of Colline’s The Gratitude Project.