the people who love us

The adoption world is filled with a bevy of people deeply involved in each child’s life – birthmothers, birthfathers, adoptive mothers, adoptive fathers, social workers, foster parents, extended families on all sides – the list goes on and on.

Each person has their own role to play in that child’s journey, and all of the ones I’ve met are coming from a place of love.  We tell kids all the time that they’re “lucky” to have so many people who love them.  This may be true, but it can also be incredibly confusing.

Visit tomorrow’s Forever Family to talk about the role of moms in adoption.

“Dads.  They’re a special group of people, without a doubt.  They’re much more than simply fathers…dads are the men kids can count on for love, kindness, and understanding. The men who cheer them on through good times and bad.  The men who set boundaries then guide their kids as they grow through and beyond them…

But what makes a mom?”

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