well, they say they want honesty

I doubt it will come as any great surprise that I’ve spent most of my life fudging my way through doctors’ appointments.  Not out-and-out lying per se, just a wee bit of…softening around the edges when it came to answering the standard questions.

I know I’m probably horrifying those in the medical industry – sorry for the rude Monday morning awakening – but the thing is I already knew I should be doing better.  Frankly, I just didn’t feel like being taken to task for making poor choices.

Plus as far as crappy behavior goes I figured eating too many potato chips and not going to the gym ranked below recreational drug use, so there you go.

When last month rolled around it brought with it the joy of my annual physical.  I guess that whole embrace the truth movement had taken hold because the nurse got nothing from me but honesty.  Which in all likelihood must have been a little startling.

Let’s check your weight.  Oh, let’s.  I’m so delighted I get to do this while wearing jeans and boots, because watching the numbers flash by at home isn’t distressing enough.  Let’s add a few more pounds of clothing to the record, shall we?

Do you exercise regularly?  In years past my answer for this question has morphed from “yes” to “most weeks” to “I try.”  This year?  That question earned a big old Nope.  The nurse just blinked at me for a moment.  To her credit she recovered quickly, but there was a second there when I could watch her struggle to process my response.

Do you eat a well-balanced diet?  HA!  Seriously?  Do you have any idea what I’m up against?  Let’s pretend I’m not juggling a dozen balls and that I actually make it to the end of the day with enough energy to cook.  Eating a well-balanced diet would require me to have all the necessary ingredients in the house to create well-balanced meals, plus I’d have to endure whatever nonsense the kids threw at me for torturing them with vegetables.  Just the thought makes me tired.  But then again, maybe that’s the crappy nutrition talking.

Do you do monthly breast exams?  Nope.  I know I’m supposed to.  I know it’s important.  I also know I don’t remember to do it.  Now you know, too.

Do you use alcohol?  Are you serious?!  I’ve got two kids, a crazy life, and a dog slowly trying to drive me insane.  Yes, I use alcohol.  Next question?


8 thoughts on “well, they say they want honesty

  1. You speak for a lot of us, Laura. I used to get really healthy about a month before the annual physical. Not sure I sustained those habits after getting satisfactory reports/numbers ? It’s a game we all play with our health, I’m afraid.

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  2. Laura, I have had several health scares and now today yes I really do eat good, yes I really exercise, and no I do not drink nor do drugs. Yes my life is crazy insane at times but I will not allow that to push me back to my old habits of eating M&M’s and drinking vodka. Nope. My advice? Don’t wait until a health crisis to get serious about your health. I’ve learned a long time ago that excuses only hurt me. (((HUGS))) ❤

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    • I know you’re right! I’m close to several people who’ve made major changes in their lives & I’m so impressed with their willpower. I finally started PT for my back this year so I think I’m headed in the right direction…thanks for your words of encouragement!

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      • Anytime, Laura. I refuse to go down so I know what it takes to be consistent with all aspects of Life, those very things that produce health! So many people, myself included, take health for granted until one day, it is gone. BIG wake up call. Good luck!!! ❤


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