the truth hurts

Last year I wrote a post about the horrible inequities between St. Louis public school districts highlighted in an NPR story.  A primarily black district that was failing on every measurable level, left to flounder as an entire generation passed through its halls.  The inadvertent school integration program that allowed 1,000 students to voluntarily transfer to a white district in another county, one whose parents fought the incoming students with vile vitriol.  The endless number of ways a school system can write off its black students as less than.

This gentleman has something to say.

“I want to tell you a secret: America really doesn’t care what happens to poor people and most black people.  There I said it…

As a nation, we’re nibbling around the edges with accountability measures and other reforms, but we’re ignoring the immutable core issue: much of white and wealthy America is perfectly happy with segregated schools and inequity in funding.  We have the schools we have, because people who can afford better get better.  And sadly, people who can’t afford better just get less – less experienced teachers, inadequate funding and inferior facilities…

The view from the ‘burbs is sweet.

The Conversation I’m Tired of Not Having – Huffington Post

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