gratitude: the smell of spring

I look forward each year to the hints that spring is coming: the first sign of green shoots from our tulips, birds chirping outside the dining room window, and days when the sun finally sinks through my shirt to warm my shoulders.

But my favorite sign by far is the first time I catch a waft of freshly cut grass.

This is a little ironic since I’m plagued by allergies, so you’d think breathing in anything in the spring would be the last thing I’d look forward to.

There’s something about that spring grass smell, though.  It’s such a sweet rush of air that hits me when I drive through the neighborhood…I can’t help rolling down the window just a little further to let its delightful scent fill the car.

They say smell is a powerful trigger, and this is one for me.  What a beautiful reminder that new life is springing up all around us.

My post as part of Colline’s The Gratitude Project.


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