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A post without Rs?  This one might be a bit tougher.  R is a pretty popular letter.  He’d probably be on the homecoming court if the alphabet had one of those…

I can promise that this will be a random one.  Today’s challenge is brought to you by The Mad Grad Student’s Missing Letter Mondays challenge.

Feet.  Sweet Jesus up above, feet.

I had no idea I’d have so many discussions about FEET when I became an adult with kids.

I want Nikes.  But not just any Nikes, I want these Nikes sooooo much.  In this one hue.  What do you mean, they don’t come in my size?  But…these are the ones I want.

Why can’t I put on flip flops?  Lots of kids have them at school.  No one else’s folks bug them about the code of conduct!

Can I use mom’s shoes today?  Please?  Please?!  I won’t get them messy!

I need new shoes.  Yeah, I know we just bought some, but my feet got big.

Mom!  He stepped on my foot!!  OW!

Have my shoes come yet?  How ’bout now?  Now?!

I need snow boots.  Why?  In case it snows…well, it might!!  IT MIGHT!

Feet.  Who knew.