when life thunders like an avalanche

Everyone processes grief in their own way, regardless of the cause.  Sometimes the losses pile up, one after another, while we stagger under the weight of them.  And at times the weight simply becomes too much to bear.

Tomorrow’s Forever Family talks about the cluster of grief triggers we’ve had this year.  Please join us.

January and February really threw us for a loop this year.  Within the space of six weeks the kids experienced their grandmother’s sudden illness, hospice stay, death, and memorial service; learned that the parents of a very close friend were separating; and then found out another couple we know are splitting up…

It must have seemed like the world had turned upside down.

When these clusters happen I find myself watching carefully for the avalanche effect.  One thing they can handle, but that first thing was awfully big.  The next shock piles on, adding to the struggle, so when the third comes along they’re primed for a fall.

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