Spring’s arrival brings along its own special smell.  For some people it’s flowers in bloom, but for me?  I love the sweet smell of freshly cut grass after its long winter sleep.  I love catching that first sniff, knowing warmer days are coming and jackets will soon be put away for the season.  BrightSide may have a different point of view seeing as he’s the one who mows our yard twice a week, but still…it’s a happy smell.

I also love the feel of springtime.

The way the sun hits my face when I walk out of the shade, warming my cheekbones when I turn toward its glow.  I close my eyelids, basking in the soft rays of spring and soaking up its warmth.

I can almost feel the energy seeping into my bones.

Then there’s the soft breeze that skips across my skin.  A gentle brushing, enough to set my nerve endings tingling without raising chill bumps, carrying the sweet sounds of springtime.

Everything looks just a little more vibrant as it comes back to life, and I find myself grateful to see another season move into place.


My post as part of Colline’s The Gratitude Project.