We’ve started a new game at our house.  Here’s how it goes.

Take one small round basket filled with clean socks and underwear.  Place it on the coffee table, making sure it’s smack dab in the middle of everything.

Watching tv?  The basket’s there.  Reading a book?  The basket’s there.  Taking a nap, playing your iPad, or cuddling with the dogs?  The basket’s always right there.

Proof positive that clean socks and underwear actually exist in our home.

So the question is this: how many days will everyone stare at a basket of clean socks and underwear without folding it?  (Note I didn’t say “touching it” because we seem to have no problem pawing through the pile to take out one item at a time.)

And the answer is…

The kids?  Indefinitely.  That basket could sit there ’til hell freezes over and there’s absolutely no chance one of them would fold what’s in it.

BrightSide?  Until I ask him to fold them.  Then he’ll spend the next 45 minutes asking, “Are these yours?”  “Bear’s?”  “What about these socks?  Are these Bear’s or T-man’s?”

Me?  My record stands at one week.  The current basket’s been sitting there since Monday so I have a few days left to bring it in under the wire.

There’s probably something wrong with conducting a social experiment using the clean laundry, but darned if I can think of what it is…